City Confidential - Fairbanks: Mining For Murder
City Confidential - Fairbanks: Mining For Murder
City Confidential - Fairbanks: Mining For Murder
Writers: Alan Gratz
Producers: Brian O'Connor, David Lane, David Madison, David Wallach, Melissa May
Runtime: 50 minutes
Studio: A & E Home Video

Was Joe Vogler's 1993 murder the result of a government conspiracy? Or was it simply the randomly violent act of an ex-con drifter? In this installment of A&E's City Confidential series, which presents unusual true stories from the shadowy underside of life in American cities, locals, law enforcement, and the drifter himself make their cases, but ultimately more questions than answers remain.

In the 1970s, Vogler founded the Alaska Independence Party (AIP) in response to the perceived meddling of the federal government and environmental activists in local business ventures, including Vogler's gold mining claim. The AIP's rallying cry for secession from the United States resonated among many Alaskans, and Vogler rose to political prominence. But in May 1993, Vogler inexplicably vanished. Manfried "Cartoon Freddy" West, an unemployed ex-con, eventually pled no contest to Vogler's murder, claiming he had acted in self-defense. However, many Alaskans believe West was not clever enough to commit this professionally executed crime, and are convinced the federal government paid West to take the fall. This episode features actual footage of Vogler, interviews with those who knew him and knew of him, and spectacular scenes of the harshly beautiful Alaskan wilderness around Fairbanks. --Patty Stuart

Who killed popular Alaskan Joe Vogler? Was it the federal government that he constantly fought? Was it someone after his valuable gold claims? Or was it his best friend? This account of one of Alaska's most infamous crimes takes you into the rowdy bars, forbidding wilderness, and modern skyscrapers of Fairbanks.

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